Monday, April 2, 2007

is it april 17th yet?

From a little research on i have found out that we will not get an new episode for another TWO WEEKS. yuck, yuck. Now dont get me wrong i love repeats just as much as the next person but who doesnt love a new one more???
On the knitting front:

I went yarn crazy today. I went shopping with my mom and my sister and my mother has an addiction to the goodwill. I tell ya, that women can go in there blind folded and find the best deals and really cute clothes. Anyways, i hit the yarn jackpot. I found four bags (about a grocery bag size) full of yarn. One i put back right away cuz it was just yucky yarn but the others were so wonderful i had to buy them. I spent a total of 13 dollars and walked away with. A huge cone of teal mohair, a ball of the coolest color mohair (black, teal, red and burgandy), 9 hanks of gold 100% virgin wool, 2 pink 100% virgin wool, oh you get the pic. I also received a couple other boxes of yarn in the mail. I just love ebay. so here are some pics. If you guys have any idea on what in the world i do with all this gold please let me know.
Oh wonderful mohair
lots and lots of wool
colinette yarn, this pic doesnt show how awesome this yarn is, the colors are great
pink, chocolate and coral. these are going to be a set of winter hat, fingerless gloves and scarf. I got several balls of each color.
my new yarn from I just love the yarn she finds. she has 50 new yarns coming soon.
Now for the yarn diet.
Thanks all


Tim King said...

Yeah, Mandie. That's right, April 17. I just wrote about that to the members of my email list. I'm jonesing for new episodes.

But we have to wait until April 17 for the next new episode. The season finale is May 15. And the following Thursday, May 17, is when we'll know whether there will be another season.


mandie437 said...

well may 18th is my birthday so maybe the CW gods will smile upon me and give me a wonderful gift of season 8. My fingers are crossed