Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One more week

We have one more week until the new episodes start. I have been reading the spoilers since i cant wait to watch the show. Yet i think this makes me want the new shows more. Its a vicious cycle. I posted a new pattern in the "Fav Patterns" on the left side of blog. I may get a chance to post a few more today.

So i need you all to do a little favor for me. I applied for a job, a very good job and i'm worried i wont get it. This is were you all come in. Say a little prayer, cross your fingers, drop a penny in a wishing well, ask budda for help. What ever it is that you do for luck, pass a little my way. This job would truely change my life as well as my sons. Right now we are living with my parents and being 28 this really makes me go crazy, so if i get this job my son and i can move out, start over. pray for me. thanks all


brandilion said...

Thinking about you and your job!

Tim King said...

Hi, Mandie. You're on my prayer list.

Can't wait for the new GG ep on Tuesday, either. I've been reading the spoilers, too. :)