Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thank GOD

I'm so happy to have Gilmore Girls back. So Mandie is 100% right about the maze symbolism. Could they have made it anymore obvious? It was a bummer that I could see the end coming a mile away.

What is funny is immediately before last night's episode I watched the season finale for Season 6. OMG! that was a very very good episode. I'm glad Luke and Lore are talking again.

I wish Logan would do something. I don't know what, but something. Oooo he needs to propose. Wouldn't that kill Lore if Rory got married?


mandie437 said...

no kidding, the last episode on season 6 was amazingly painful. I hated to see it end. They really know the meaning of a cliff hanger.

Tim King said...

I've been thinking about the maze as a metaphor. I didn't get the maze symbolism in the episode. Still don't, at least not for Lorelai. But for Logan, that's a different story. And one that Lorelai ought to understand, even though she's not. I wrote about it on my GG blog: "Who's Really Caught in the Hay Bale Maze?"