Friday, April 20, 2007

this ones for Tim K.

Hey Tim,
I just watched your video on your page. I agree with you to a point. I agree that this episode was alot about Logan and where he is going and the connection to what lore did when she left the money life. I feel the maze is a huge metaphor for several of the characters. When Rory and Logan walked into the maze there was a split in the path. They paused then chose to walk the path together. I feel that was a big metaphor for their relationship which was in question when she was applying for the new job. she didn't know where to put Logan on her pro/con list.

When it comes to lore and the maze I dont feel she is meant to seem lost in the maze but look more like she is on a journey alone. She has always been great at taking this journey (her life) completely solo but sometimes she has to remember that others can help. I think the important thing in this scene is not so much Luke helping her out of the maze but how they said they are sorry for the past. They both were doing so many things in their life (during their engagement) alone. They needed to lean on each other, I feel they did this in the maze. Finally. They said what they had to say, she took his advice and started on her solo journey once again. Who knows who is going to be around the next corner but at least she knows now she is on the right track.

Just my two cents.
thanks for your thoughts, it was great to see your page and your video.


brandilion said...

Like your page Tim. I can see where you are coming from.

Tim King said...

Hi, brandilion. Thanks for the kind words.

Mandie, Yes, the maze cold be a metaphor for a lot of things. I have to watch the episode again. But here's another possibility: Logan is in the Maze. Rory is also in the Maze. Whether or not they go through it together.

See, I didn't get the sense that Rory was really questioning their relationship. As I said, I need to watch the episode again. But I got the impression that she is just trying to figure out her life. In her mind, it's about her, not about Logan. In fact, that she felt a need to put Logan on the pro-con list... That tells me that their relationship does matter to her, and she sees them being together.

(And yes, I've read all the different spoilers. But I'm still waiting to see how things play out.)

Lorelai, she was definitely lost in the hay bale maze. She even went down a path, thinking it was the way out. And then she seemed dismayed that it was a dead end.

However, I agree that it was incredibly important for her and Luke to talk and to apologize. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's episode, expecting much more on this front.


mandie437 said...

Tim, I think it was be sooo fun to actually sit down with you and watch an episode. I have a feeling you and i could waste hours of our lives talking about this show and the various hidden meaning that lie within each show. lol. Anyways, your great and keep up the good work on your page. Its great having you and your wonderful opions here with us.
thanks so much
best wishes

Tim King said...

Yeah, I think you're right. Whenever I watch with someone who hasn't seen it before, I have to bite my tongue to keep from going on about it or revealing what happens later in the story.

Last weekend, I was talking to my Dad about GG. But he had only seen to the beginning of season 4. And he was telling me about all the things he thought about what the characters should do and so forth. And I had such a hard time not giving away what was going to happen in season 4, and 5, and 6 and 7.