Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh i'm sooo happy

I got my gg fix and wow am i happy. If you haven't seen tonight show yet PLEASE don't read this, I'll spoil everything for you.

I love how they are slowly bringing Luke and lore around each other again. I do think the whole maze thing had a bit too much symbolism here. they didn't mask it very well. SO here is the big question on my mind. Why in the world did they give Layne's babies such bad TV names. I mean TV names because they are no Rory or Logan, come one Steve and Qwan??? I expected something a bit more rock and roll out of those characters. That let me down a bit. I enjoyed seeing lore turn into her mother for a moment when speaking about Logan to Suki. She seemed to be dressed a bit more Emily too. at least during that scene. All in all i think it was a great show. we got to see most of the main players, April came back for a visit, Paris and BF, Suki and family, Taylor, we weren't missing to many folks at all. No word yet if we will get a season 8 or not. We will know in may. Keep your fingers crossed. I cant imagine what I'll do with my poor half done shawl if i don't have new episodes to watch, not to mention the extreme amount of withdraw like symptoms that will ravage my body.

Well enough with bad thoughts
I hope you all enjoyed the return of our girls, let me know what you thought.
best wishes and happy stitches

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Micky said...

Just found this site.
I watched it and I knew she was working her way to Luke. You could just feel it.