Sunday, April 8, 2007

my poor little camera is broke :(

I'd first like to say i'm soooo sorry i havent been around. I started back to school a couple of weeks ago and it is taking over my life more than i thought it would.
So today is easter and like every other mom i was trying to take a picture of my son looking in his easter basket when my camera goes dead. I quickly put in new batteries but still nothing. So now i get to wait to hear back from the camera people who recieved a not very nice email from me. Hopefully this is not a big problem and i'll have pics again soon.
As for knitting. I have recruited another friend into my knitted web of fun, lol. I tell ya all of my friends will be buying yarn soon. lol.
Thursday is my first meeting for the chapter of Warm Up America i started. I cant wait. I've been collecting yarn from estate sales and such for this meeting. I am worried no one will be there but i guess i should have a little faith.
I hope you all had a wonderful easter and i'll write soon


brandilion said...

I'm sorry about your camera. That is a bummer. I feel your school pain. Been there, done that and they can't make me go back. At least not for a few years anyway.

Since tonight is a rerun, tomorrow night I am going to sit down with some more season 6 from Netflix and have a marathon KAL night, well at least for two hours anyway :) Pictures will follow.

mandie437 said...

but at least we only have one more week to go till new episodes. Thats a really good idea, i may have to see about renting a few seasons and have a mini kal in my house.