Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I just loved it. Tonight's episode was simply amazing. The return of lore and Luke. Well not officially but still i think we could see them returning to each other a bit. What a show ending, Rory not getting the New York Times fellowship. That is gonna leave a few marks. I think we may see a return of the Rory that we saw when she left Yale. So very lost. Did i catch a reference to a ring during the preview for next week. My DVR shut down the show before i could see the last part of the commercial.

I'm glad that sookie and Jackson talked things out. I personally would of made him suffer for a few more months but that is just bitter little me. I think you can tell she is preg. for real this time. Her face looks different, Something about her nose, swollen a bit.

So car shopping with my ex doesn't sound like fun, Lore is just a nicer person than i am. Then again if I had a ex that looks like Luke i may make an exception. LOL. I thought it was so cute when she was smiling as he was yelling on about her little quarks. I think she may have been asking for that one, hehe, she is sooo sneaky. OHH and how cute is it when he showed up at the house after doing all that searching for a car for her. uhhhh!!! I want a Luke. If anyone happens to have a friend, cousin, brother that is sooo Luke, I'm looking, send'em thisa way. lol.

I have heard tell that we are getting some shows for a season 8 but it is not 100%. I read that the CW wants a certain amount of shows and the GG people want another. I cant tell you what a relief that was to read. They could end this season very easily as the final season, they are wrapping things up very nicely to end it all. I can only hope and keep my fingers crossed. As soon as i find out about the season 8 thing i will post it here.

Thanks all.
best wishes

Tim, I usually don't try to read into anything IE: songs, videos, movies. I'm kinda a blunt person but what is with the doll house. I mean first a maze and now a crushed doll house. Whats next? I'm afraid to ask. I miss the old writers, they gave us credit and let us use our own brains. lol.
anyways, i just wanted to know what you thought of this one. Maybe I'm wrong but it is just a little strange, right after the maze.


brandilion said...

so it was my last chance to see my roommate before he goes out of town for a very long time and I almost forgot GG was on until only 15 minutes were left. I hope it shows up on youtube.com soon :)

Tim King said...

I don't know what's with the dollhouse. Or the episode, for that matter. I tried. I really did. In fact, that's why I haven't commented until now. I've been sorting through my feelings. And I know all you fans loved this episode. But I'm a fan, too.

I found this episode incredibly shallow. So things were awkward between Luke and Lorelai. But what did she feel that made them awkward? And why did she feel those things? What I've always loved about Gilmore Girls is that there's always many layers of depth to the entire story. It's not just about witty banter; it's about witty banter that shows us something about the characters. What came out were just lines spoken into the camera. No motivation.

It was boring. And not just plain boring. Agonizingly boring. The kind of boring that makes you want to shoot the TV so you won't have to watch it anymore. I even went so far as to rewrite the first scene, just to figure out what I thought was missing.