Monday, April 16, 2007

is it tuesday yet????

The moment we have all been waiting on is almost here. I cant wait to watch the new show and finally work on my GG shawl. I have held true to the KAL and have not touched this shawl since the last new episode. I'm not sure if that makes sense, "the last new episode"? Its late and i'm getting tired.

I started knitting a british flag handbag tonight. This will be my first project done in the round on circular needles. I have used the double pointed for several projects but always seem a bit lost when it comes to the circulars. I use them all the time for staight knitting but not joined in the round. I got to use my new stitch markers too.

This week started my Warm Up America project. I was so nervous about no one showing up at the first meeting but i had five people show up. I was soooo happy. I think that we will have lots more people join us once they all start to see what good we are doing. We are thinking about holding a knitting sit in. Our church holds three services on sundays so we are thinking about sitting in the lobby in between services to grab attention toward our cause.

Last but not least. My camera is fixed. Silly me was using the wrong kind of batteries in the thing. once i put in rechargables the thing started right up. so now i will be overloading you with plenty of pics very soon.

talk to you all on tuesday.
best wishes and happy stitches.

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