Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Netflix Season 6

So last night I sat down and watched 3 episodes of season 6 including Lane's wedding. That wedding looked like a great time. I missed almost all of season 6 when it came out and I was confused as to most of Luke and Lore's relationship but it is all beginning to make sense now. Is it just me or were they just barely a couple through their entire engagement. Luke is so distant. I know it is just his nature, but Lore can't live like that. From day one Lore was keeping secrets, then Luke was keeping secrets, then Lore has to keep more secrets to pretend she doesn't know about Luke's secrets and it just builds and builds and builds until all your time together is pretending to almost be an entirely different person than you are. Even those the original "secrets" aren't terrible things, they grow into terrible roadblocks.

Now that I can see them headed for a downfall, it makes me wonder how I feel about Lore's single situation in recent episodes. She still loves Luke, but could it ever work? Christopher has become a much better person in my eyes than he started out, but she doesn't love him. At least not like either of them deserves. I am beginning to think Lore doesn't need a man, she just needs a new baby and another relationship just like Rory. Like it was just the two of them the whole time Rory was growing up. She needs some one at home, but not a lover.

I really don't know what I am talking about, just tossing the drama around in my head.

I started knitting top down raglan cardigan based on the one at this site, but I am knitting it back and forth rather than doing a steek. I would want to do a crochet steek, but can't find enough info on the internet to make me comfortable cutting into a sweater and I don't have any books that mention it. Besides, if I don't have to steek that is even less finishing right? and I sure do hate finishing. Anyway. It will be only two or three colors. I have a bunch of Paton's Classic Merino Wool Laying around (about 7 skeins in three colors) and I really need a cardigan for casual, non work (my work clothes are grubby) purposes.

I don't have a pic today, because their isn't anything to show yet, but I'll get you one soon.


Tim King said...

It's not your imagination. Lor really was keeping secrets. And then Luke was keeping secrets. The thing is, I believe they could make this work. And they still can.


mandie437 said...

this for me is a hard one. I just dont like chris. I think he is so self centered. I really like the idea of luke and lore getting back together but maybe i can blame that on the writers for playing on that for sooo long. I guess i'd be lost if they ended the show with out them being together.