Monday, April 23, 2007

what i've been up too

First off, My camera is all better, YEAHHHHHHH. so now you will be hit with mass amounts of pics that you prob have no desire to see, you can send hate mail to the comment box,hehe.

I've been a knitting machine. I have way tooo many projects going right now. I think i'm on number 13 and about to cast on number 14. Yes i truely think i have A.D.D. I get bored to easily. lol. I've done something knit wise that i swore i would never do, i've beeen working on my GG shawl and i was not watching the show (slapping my own hand)i just couldnt help it. This shawl has proved a bit bigger of a project than i thought it would be. so here are some pics, and i guess we will talk after the show tomorrow night. I cant wait.

grandma pulling micah's tooth.

He couldn't wait to put that tooth under his pillow. Teeth prices went up since i was a kid. He got 2 bucks, i always got 50 cents.

My sister and I were hanging out outside yesterday and i snapped a good one of her laying in the grass.

our dog harley. He looks so cute when he perks up his ears. He just had surgery on his left ear so if he has one that looks bald you'll understand.
micah and his mound of legos. This is a queen size bed sheet. I have found this to be the best way to keep his legos in one place. We wrap up the sheet when he is done playing and we can put them away.

I am having trouble uploading my knitting pics so i'll have to try that on a different program. look for another blog posting today hopefully with the pics.

best wishes and happy stitches


Susan said...

Ha ha! Love it!!!
He was very brave to have his tooth pulled out. I hope the toothfairy left extra change for courage ;)

** Don't get me started on Lego's. I think they multiply at night.

Great idea - using a sheet!

mandie437 said...

I wondered why i had extra legos this morning,lol. Yes the tooth fairy always takes courage in to account when leaving cash.
This made me wonder, I was pretty couragous when i gave birth but i didnt find any cash under my pillow the next morning. I'll have to mention that to micah when he is older and is the president(thats what he wants to be when he grows up).