Sunday, February 18, 2007

another gift from the cursed signs.

The "cursed" signs have been moved to the garage but they seem to have struck again. yesterday my grandmother fell while running the vacum. she got caught up in the cords and fell. she laid there for about three hours before my father went to her home. she couldnt get to a phone so we had no idea she had fallen and she lives alone. when he got there he called the ems to come and pick her up for fear she had broken her back (which she did about three years ago falling down a flight of stairs, she was in a halo for 3 months). this time she only broke her arm but it is a really bad break. our local hospital knew they couldnt help her so they sent her to a bigger hospital about an hour away. she will be having surgery or they will put pins thru the skin tomorrow. the doctors dont know what they want to do yet. oh and the car that we had parked next to the garage stopped running so i guess we need to have a sign bon fire. lol. My sister wants to sell them on ebay since she spent so much money on them and sometimes crazy people want a cursed item. so i think that is what she wants to do with them.
on the yarn front
I decided yesterday that i wanted to learn how to crochet since so many edgings on afghans are done in crochet. so i taught myself how to crochet and i must say that i'm not that bad at it or it is really easy. I dont know which one yet. i'm doing a blanket in lion brand "jiffy". I had bought a bunch when it was on sale at jo anns for 1.99. I am also working on a OSU handbag. yes i'm going to try to felt again but this time i'm doing it by hand, which should be an adventure in itself.
talk to you all soon

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