Saturday, February 3, 2007

Oh canada

Canada was soooo wonderful. It was a great girls day out, no kids, no work, just shopping, eating and hanging out. I did my research online and found a wonderful knitting shop called Knit one Purl one. I will post some pics of the store as soon as i get them back from the lab. This is a pic of the yarn i bought from there. I have been on a hunt for some hand painted yarn that is mocha brown and light pink mixed but this was as close as i could find. My son was just happy i found a lego store. I have not stopped stepping on them and the leggos have only been here a day. lol. all you moms know what i'm talking about.
The folks were so nice and helpful in windsor, the place is so easy to get around and find what you want. I have driven by windsor many times but never spend any time there. After this day trip i will deffinetly be back.

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