Saturday, February 3, 2007

we have a winner for part 1, lets get a winner for part 2

here is my gilmore scarf. Z's momma did it. I used Glace by Berroco that i found half price. needles size was 7 us. In z's momma's post she said to use a 2x2 rib but with a ribbon yarn i couldnt do that. I used a long tail cast on. I knit the scarf long ways. I think i cast on 120, i wanted a smaller version of the scarf, but you could cast on until it is the length you desire.

Row 1 -- knit 5 purl 3

row 2 -- purl 5, knit 3

needle size will change depending on the yarn you pick.

My wonderful model in the pic is my dear friend jeni's little girl. Thanks for the help lexi.

So you've seen my twist on the scarf lets see what you folks can do. So make up your own version and start knitting. send me a pic so we can find winner number 2.



click here for a closer look at the scarf.

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