Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Do you have a loreali Gilmore?

I have a little one. My aunt linda. As a child i always wished that she was my mom. She is just so cuddly, and always had cool crafts. She is the kind of aunt that would do out of no where fun stuff. Once while spending the day at her home in the country my sister, aunt lindas two daughters, aunt linda and I went outside to lay on a blanket and eat popcorn ( which she put in rolled up newspaper) It was soo very dark outside and we were fun scared, just before we were about to go in (due to freddy kruger movies) aunt linda told us to look up. That is when i saw the most wonderful meteor shower i had ever seen in my life. To this day i have never had a moment where i felt so small yet so big at the same time. Tell me about your lorali gilmore that has given to your life.

As for the show. As you can tell it had an impact on me. I think we can all agree that logan is going down a very slick slop and i think that rory is going to have to team up with his dad to plan his future. He just cant do it for himself. I cant wait to see laynes babies. Goodness knows what they will name them. Did you all see the little lore and luke moment outside the baby shower, i love it. i just cant wait to see what else they are gonna do.
thanks all

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