Sunday, February 25, 2007

pardon the pause

Sorry i havent been keeping up on the page as much as i would like to. My son just keeps getting this flu that is going around and today was no different. It seems he gets it, gets over it, and gets it again the next week. He is resting with a nice dose of meds and his fever is finally going down so mommy had time to write. I'll be posting a few new pics tonight of the gg shawl i've been working on and a crochet blanket (number two, the first one was torn out) the has really come a long way. I'm also working on a pair of fingerless gloves for a my friend Jags of (link at the top of the page). Who by the way will be posting some new yarns to her page later in the week so keep checking back. as i said before, it is recycled yarn from sweaters, it is washed, torn apart, put in hanks and sold for about 2 dollars for 100 yards. Now you cant beat that deal.
So keep an eye out for the cheap yarn on jags and the new pics on here.
if anyone is working on the part two of the free yarn contest please post a coment and let me know other wise I may be tempeted to break into the stash i set aside for the contest. I just love the yarn i put in there and i'm not sure how much longer i can wait. lol.

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