Sunday, February 4, 2007

on a personal note, Do you believe in a curse?

I know this sounds strange but i need to ask. Do you believe in a curse or something that is cursed? Let me explain a bit. My little sister jessica married a wonderful man on oct.7 2006. We as a family were a bit stressed because i had just had my surgery but i was doing very well so we had a wonderful time at the wedding. Her best friend Mindy Stahl was in the wedding party. this was ecspecially happy news for jess. Mindy had been dating chad for years and they have three children. long story short jess and mindy had been talking about getting married in the same yr for a long time. Well 06 was the yr. mindy was married in aug. and jess in oct. After the wedding my sister went to a log cabin in amish country for a small honeymoon. While there they bought several signs to hang in there home ie: one for the bedroom that read "kiss me goodnight" and one for mickels (the new husband) "man" room that had pics of beers on it and said some kind of bar logo. here comes the cursed items, the signs.
On november 5th mindy died in a house fire, leaving behind her three babies and her husband of only a month, gage 8, kaylie, 4 and hayden 1.
--Next was jess and mickels cat "baby"
--then mickels grandmother
--then mickels uncle, who died of a heart attack at the age of 42 while shoveling snow
this is where jess and mickel bring the signs to my home to get them out of theres, i didn't believe in a curse so i said ok bring them over.
--then my sons great grandfather on his dads side passed away, vernon
--then a man named larry that i recently helped move into town from a farm house. he is an elderly man, he moved in town so when he did pass on his wife wouldn't be left out in the country alone he died friday only a month after moving her into town
--now this morning we get the call that my son's cousin (again on his fathers side) was murdered last night. He is only 21 years old, his girlfriend was preg. his name is micheal. He was at a party and someone got mad at him and ran him over with their car. the family is at a loss, and i am going to burn a few signs today. let me know, do you believe in a cursed item?


brandilion said...

I can tell you exactly why those signs are cursed... they came from Amish Country but have bar logos on them. Also are the Amish allowed to kiss? These signs were created to send someone straight to hell. I'm just saying is all. I would be careful to make sure they are nowhere near you and your loved ones from now on. I mean whether you believe in curses or not, why take the chance?

Austin (Mindy & Chad's young cousin) said...

When Mindy died, my whole family was ruined. She left a big impression on all of us. Every time I see Chad, I can't help but cry. I can't help it. Seeing him without Mindy right beside him, makes me start t cry. I miss her so much. I wish she was still here. :(

mandie437 said...

Dear Austin, I pray for your family every night. My sister will never be the same from losing mindy from her life but i can say she is a better person for having her in her life. My sister jess and her husband mickel stay in close contact with chad and the kids, actually mickel was just with chad this weekend at kathys home. I truely hope your family can find some peace in knowing she has touched so many peoples lives and our hearts. She was a amazing person who i'm glad to say i knew.