Wednesday, February 21, 2007

last nights show

First of all, my grandmother surgery went very well. she is coming home today. she has some pins in her arm and she is sore but other than that she is fine.

Now for gilmore girls. I completly missed dula's hat (I'm sure i am mispelling that). I'm going to have to watch it again. They always have the greatest knits on there. I was so happy to see lore and emily share a real mother daughter moment even if it was alcohol induced. lol. I think lore really needed it. I did feel so bad for her in the morning when reality sunk back in. I guess nice emily can't last forever. Also I can't wait to see where this logan thing is gonna go. I know rory would love him even without all the cash but i dont know how that would effect him. Depending on what dear ol' dad does with the "deal" falling thru this could be the end of them. I really hope not. I like them together. So am i the only one holding my breath for a luke and lore reunion (pardon me as i turn blue, lol). I like how they brought his sister in to put it right in his blind face about lore or i mean the "hen". I think with last nights show they opened alot of doors for the show to be able to end this year or continue. They added a few story lines that can end very fast or drag on. I guess we will have to wait and see.
If you ever go to you will see they are holding a bit of a letter writing compaign. it is called the great8mandate. They are trying to convice the network folks that we need another season. but it looks as if alexis ( rory) may be leaving the show on her own. According to the gossip loop that is what is holding the network up on making a final decision.
lets all keep our fingers cross.

Next week we get to see preg. layne take a very strange trip to the hospital on a bed rolling down the center of stars hollow. Looks like a good one.
I'll post some pics of dula's hat as soon as i can find them on the web or take a pic of my tv.

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