Friday, February 16, 2007

my felting disaster

My poor little felting disaster. I need to make a handbag, (which i've done so many times before) with a tiger paw on it. I dont know what i did wrong to make this thing come out soooo bad. I guess it's back to the needles tomorrow. so i started and finished a few projects today. now before you look at the pics please understand that i have a touch of the flu and so does my son so I'm not looking the best in these pics. I got the pattern from that pattern is called calorimetry here is the link

It only took about an hour and a half for one. i changed the amount of cast on on the light pinkish one. i thought the red one was a bit big. please note that the red one is made following the pattern. the other was slightly adjusted. these are great for people who can't wear hats. I am just not a hat person and i usually wear my hair in a pony tail ( since my surgery it bothers my scar if i wear my hair down for too long) so i cant wear hats, that is where this fits in. it will keep my ears warm without messing up my hair.

thanks all,



brandilion said...

Ok so even though it may not look the way you wanted it to come out, I think that handbag looks really cool. Don't throw it away!

mandie437 said...

what do you think i can do with it. the white made the bag pucker so much that it is a weird wavey shape not to mention i dont know what is going on with the corners of this thing. I jokingly put it on my head as a hat but that is out of the question for anything but a joke. I really have no idea what to do with this thing.