Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lore, Luke and Leg Warmers... trust me, it makes sense.

I will have to stop reading this blog before I watch GG because apparently you watch it much earlier than I do and I saw your post before I saw the episode. I was so far behind that I had no idea what you are talking about though :)

Last night when I saw down to watch GG I cast on my sister's leg warmers (promised to her at Thanksgiving) and I think they are coming along great. Here is what I got done in an hour...

Although to be fair, I may have knit longer... like another two hours longer.

I am glad it isn't working out with Chris, I could never see Lore happy with him. I adore Luke and want to take him home with ME, but I don't see Lore being happy with Luke either. He is too... closed I guess is the word for it. Oh Lore... will we ever find happiness?

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mandie437 said...

after i read your post i got a call from my sister. she asked me if i was making her leg warmers. i told her no and asked why. she mentioned your post. she didnt know other people could write on here. lol. I hope i dont get stuck making her leg warmers now. i have way to many other things on my they look great, i cant wait to see the end result.