Monday, February 26, 2007

i just cant get the color to show

I'm attempting to show you the pics of the Gilmore girls shawl i'm working on and i just cant seem to get the colors to show right. This is a wonderful orange and lime green color wool. I got from jojoland yarns, i found this on ebay but you can order directly from their web site. this is amazing yarn. i had to wind two balls together to get the right thickness for the shawl but i am soooo loving this project. The pattern is on a past post it is the "cozy" shawl from . I havent made alot of head way with it since i really do only work on it during gilmore girls. at 8 i start and at 9 it is back in its bag. i'm starting on ball number three. so six skeins total so far. I think i may have to order more.

The next pic is of a crochet blanket i'm working on. I just love the way this feels. I'm using lion brand Jiffy. I like how soft it is and the fact it is machine washable sold me on this yarn. I'm doing this in a deep purple, a tan, hunter green and cream layers. I should be done with this by next week.

On an entirely different subject. I have been selling a few of my items here and there and a friend of mine told me that i need a company name. This was of great debate with my friends. I had them giving me all kinds of ideas. Well i have settled on two that i need to choose from.

#1---- 5 Flare

#2---- Mandies2Happy

Please tell me what you think. I know the mandies2happy thing seems kinda expected but it really did take someone else suggesting it for me to go "oh yeah, i like that". silly me.

I have submitted my projects to a consignment company on the net and I have a few local leads. So let me know what you all think of the names, i can use all the help i can get.



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