Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Lor is sooo gonna leave chris. YEAH!!! yes i'm bias.

So on tonights episode we really got to see that chris has not forgoten how to run off on lor. He has done it for years with rory so now married life hits a little rough patch and he's off again. I had read most of what would happen on www.gilmoregirls.org they have a section full of show spoilers. Don't worry i wont ruin the next couple shows for those of you who don't like to read the spoilers. I am soo happy to see the return of logan. I think he is just great for rory. It was also nice to see emily have a mini break down, she almost seemed human tonight. I don't think they would get rid of richard yet. His character plays such a role with rory's schooling.

Did you all see the adds for next weeks show. It looks like it is over for chris. Pardon me as i giggle (yes i know they are not real people). I give it a month of episodes before we see a reunion for luke.

On a personal front the young man who hit my son's cousin was charged with first degree murder. we still dont know a whole lot.

On the knitting front. I just finish another pair of the fingerless gloves for my sister and started a set for my other sister. I am still hard at work on my Gilmore girls shawl. I want it long enought to wrap around me a bunch, so that means lots of yarn, i am a big girls, lol.
I cant wait for next weeks show. wow it is just getting better and better every week.

Oh and didnt you just love the scarf that lor had on tonight. I think it was crochet.

As far as the first part of the contest, Z's momma will be getting her yarn by friday. I hope you love it. I hope you are all working on part two. I have a box of yarn here waiting to have a name and address put on it for the winner of part two.


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