Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ok, so that was more sad than i thought

So i thought i would be alot happier about the breakup but i wasnt. I really felt bad for lore. well first off she is an amzing actress, but you could tell how much it pained her to admit that it was not good for them to be together. I think that they had just missed each other at different points in their lives that when they finally had a chance they went for it. also i know that i always have a rebound reletionship so i guess its only right that lore have one. I usually end up meeting the worst men during those rebound times, but i try not to marry them. lol.
then we have poor little chin - chin. i think that it was a fitting funeral for a dog. i like how they added dogs in the crowd.
well i'm hoping to see some gg scarves soon. i hope you are all working hard.
I am still working on the "cozy, gilmore girls" shawl. I want it big enough to wrap around me a couple times. I'll post pics soon.

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brandilion said...

ok so i just got back into the country and am so far behind in gilmore girls it is ridiculus. really looking forward to tonights episode even though i have no idea what is going on. gonna sit down with my sister's leg warmers and turn off the phone... can't wait!