Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i wish is knew how to ski

If you have seen the news today you will know the the eastern U.S has been hit with a wave of snow. Here in my home state of Ohio we have already gotten hit with about 2 inches and it is still coming. here are a few pics of what i woke up to today. oh yeah and school was cancelled so i now have a very grumpy 7 yr old home with me. i'll post a few more pics later tonight so you can see me get slowly snowed in my home. lol. sorry about the sideways pic but as we well know my camera is new and i am still trying to figure out how to work all of the features. lol. the sideways pic is of the street in front of my home. believe it or not but a plow has been by here several times. the other pic is out of a upstairs window looking over the back yarn. yesterday we could see grass out there, now look at it.

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